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This is Balamukunda Sahu the Founder and Editor of ELinuxBook. I have 5+ years of Industrial Experience in Linux and other technology. I thankful to all our website viewers who encourage me to write quality posts and articles. Keep visit to our site and I will bring all latest Linux Tutorials, Updates, How To's and News for you.

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  1. Maneesh Patel says:

    Thank you for this detailed information. I do have one question. When installing Debian on a laptop, at the “Partition disks” stage, one would often prefer to select “Guided – use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM.” But what if the laptop has a (fast) SSD as well as a (slow) mechanical hard drive, and for security reasons you want to set up block-level encryption on both, and you would like the operating system installed on the SSD, with the HD used as a separate data drive? Can this be easily configured at the time of Debian installation? Or would you advise setting up encrypted LVM only on the SSD at installation time, leaving the HD unformatted, and then after Debian is installed, setting up LUKS (or something) on the HD?

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